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E-Smart Mart

E-Smart Mart is a notable supermarket and grocery store situated in Sector-79, Mohali. Our main ambition is to provide a massive range of products that fulfil all kinds of desires of our customers. We make an effort to produce a delightful shopping experience for all people in our system. Our grocery store is fully committed to presenting exceptionally good, less expensive, and appropriate products in your day-to-day lifestyle. 

E-Smart Mart – Produce a pleasing and stress-free shopping experience:

We observe the demanding contexts of increasing rates and hectic schedules. Taking note of that, we wanted to build a place where you find healthy and top-quality food at reasonable costs. Our aim is to make grocery shopping a blissful and stress-free assignment for all segments of society.

Alternatives of online as well as offline shopping:

At E-Smart Mart, we provide you with online shopping as well as visiting our store in person, we have included both aspects. Our massive choice of products includes clean and fresh bakery items, dairy products, snacks, drinks, organic products, personal care essentials, and household products. We have plotted our grocery store as a one-stop vacation destination for all your grocery needs.

Eradicates the need to create infinite buying lists through our baskets:

One of the honoured accomplishments of our grocery store is our Kitchen Family Baskets. These baskets are specifically designed to consist of all the items you need in your day-to-day kitchen desires. We have wonderful preferences to choose which include Family Baskets, Couple Baskets, and Welfare Baskets to cater to your own family’s wants and unique requirements. With our Kitchen Family Baskets, you should not be concerned about what to purchase or waste time creating infinite buying lists. 

A perfect destination for all your grocery needs:

At E-Smart Mart, our concept is to develop the perfect destination for all your grocery needs in Tricity and its nearby areas. We are not basically here to solely provide groceries; we are working here to make your shopping less complex and of higher quality. Our undertaking is to provide a broad variety of products that cater to your specific needs while maintaining their costs affordable.

100mi Crypto – Join the Crypto MLM Revolution with 100mi Crypto

100mi Crypto – Today the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has witnessed massive growth as well as innovation in recent years. As these digital assets continue to gain popularity, more and more people are looking for opportunities to participate in this participative industry. So, if you are ready to embark on your journey towards financial freedom and wealth creation then we would suggest you look no better than 100mi crypto. 100mi Crypto is a revolutionary platform that combines the power of cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology with the proven success of multilevel marketing.

At 100mi, we are not just a company, we are a movement dedicated to democratizing financial freedom and empowering individuals worldwide. We believe that everyone regardless of their location, background or education deserves an equal opportunity to participate in this trending digital economy. With our innovative products and services, 100mi Crypto is working with an aim to create a global community of crypto lovers who can benefit from the immense potential of cryptocurrencies while earning passive income by sharing our vision with others.

In addition, our platform is designed to be simple, secure and transparent ensuring that people from all walks of life can easily navigate into the world of cryptocurrency. We offer a wide range of crypto-related products and services that are tailored to boost your financial prospects.

Let’s explore some of the key offerings provided by 100mi crypto –

  • Decentralized exchange
  • Play to Earn Platform
  • Synthetic Derivates Platform
  • Staking Program
  • Referral Program

Joining your hands with 100mi crypto goes beyond becoming a customer, it makes you partner in their mission. Supported by a team of experts in marketing, finance and blockchain development we are committed to delivering the best experience as well as support to our customers.

However, the dynamic nature of the crypto market demands constant refinement and 100mi is dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. By signing up with 100mi crypto today, you can revolutionize your financial future and unlock the endless potential of the digital economy.  We are desperately waiting for your arrival and are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Remember 100mi crypto is not just the future of crypto, it is also the future of MLM. So don’t waste your time towards unparalleled financial freedom and wealth creation. Join the Crypto MLM Revolution with 100mi Crypto.


Pointzap – The Future

Pointzap – The Future

As the corporate world becomes increasingly competitive, customer retention and allegiance programs have become more essential than ever. However, traditional applications regularly fail to offer significant benefits and engage with clients effectively. Therefore, Join Pointzap – the modern platform that is revolutionizing the loyalty application panorama.

Pointzap gives secure, transparent, and safe transactions by leveraging the blockchain era, not like traditional packages. Additionally, it aggregates allegiance points from numerous assets, including retail stores, flight bookings, coverage agencies, fuel stations and extra, for this reason enabling customers to exchange them for digital belongings, products and services.

About Pointzap

The Pointzap app/platform is an unbroken, problem-loose experience for customers. Customers can transfer their off-chain allegiance points onto the blockchain and rework them into virtual belongings. By collecting and swapping points from one-of-a-kind customers, Pointzap increases its cost, supplying customers with more valuable and versatile allegiance foreign money. Customers can even switch their allegiance points for the ZAP token,  the native token of the Pointzap platform. By staking ZAP, customers can earn extra rewards.

Pointzap no longer simplest improves customer engagement and retention but additionally promotes logo trustworthiness. By providing a steady and obvious program enjoyment, agencies can broaden stronger relationships with their customers, growing consumer self-assurance while interacting with their brands.

What are the Benefits of using Pointzap?

To begin, you may earn Pointzap tokens by making online purchases from hundreds of e-trade and travel websites. This lets in for flexible foreign money conversion, where you may easily manipulate all of your belongings, together with reward factors, miles, cryptocurrencies, present playing cards, and NFTs, all in one decentralized platform. Additionally, you could convert various cryptocurrencies and rewards into Pointzap tokens and enjoy bonus allocation before the ICO. Finally, you could stake Pointzap currency and unlock attractive returns, such as free gives and reductions across plenty of products and services.

Redeeming your tokens is straightforward with Pointzap. You can get access to over 900 flights, over 700 Hotels, over 75,000 tour sights, and worldwide events and enjoy tickets, premium clubs and enjoyment venues, discounts on lifestyle subscriptions, as well as NFTs, gaming currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

With Pointzap, companies can create innovative programs that force agree with, engagement, and lengthy-term loyalty. Pointzap empowers groups to achieve these days’ aggressive marketplace by taking patron loyalty packages to the following degree. Don’t pass over on the overall capability of the allegiance software any further – embrace Pointzap nowadays!

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